Please Rain Mastiffs with your responses to these questions. Feel free to add anything not covered here. (You can copy the text below and paste it into your email program for a handy reference).

You may find some of the questions somewhat personal, but you must realize that our aim is to find the right puppy for each buyer, and that the welfare of the pup for its entire life is our prime concern.

Rain Mastiffs – Questionnaire

1. How did you hear of Rain Mastiffs?

2. Where do you live? (City, State)

3. Are you interested in a male or female?

4. Are you looking for show/breeding potential? or quality pet?

5. What qualities of the Mastiff captured your interest and made you want one?

6. List the main reasons for purchasing a Mastiff: show___, obedience___, couch potato___, carting___, tracking___, therapy___, breeding___, guard dog___, other_________________

7. What type of training/school do you have planned for your puppy?

8. Does any member of your family have any allergies to animals?

9. How many adults and children (ages) in the home?

10. Describe your dwelling and yard, fence. Owned or rented?

11. What breed(s) of dog have you owned, and what became of them?

12. If you have never owned a giant breed before, have you seriously researched the breed and discussed together what the impact of owning one will have on your family?

13. Are you financially committed to feed, house, transport and medicate such a large dog?

14. Are you willing to spay/neuter? 15. Would you consider an older rescue Mastiff?

16. How long are you willing to wait for a puppy?

17. Where will the dog stay during the day? Night? And when the family is home?

18. How many hours will the dog be left alone?

19. Does the whole family travel often? Who looks after the dog if and when the family is away?

20. Are you willing to crate your pet for short periods of time?

21. Are you willing to contact and keep the breeder informed if any problems develop? Send lots of pictures?

22. What (if any) other breed(s) are you considering?

23. What is the most important feature you are looking for in a puppy?